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We use high caliber tools to make your products with the highest quality craftsmanship possible

Below you will find some of the tools we use and recommend. Below each tool is an affiliate link – if you are interested in buying one and use the link, it helps us in our endeavor to grow the shop as a full-time venture. The Link might not be to the exact same tool we use because it is either old enough to be discontinued or not otherwise available as an affiliate-sellable item, so we went with tools in a similar price point that we felt comfortable standing behind.

Table Saw

Grizzly G0691

I have the G0691 3HP table saw. This beast of a machine will take anything I’ve thrown at it to date. It has an incredible 51″ inch rip capacity.


Grizzly G0857

This was my first large cabinet style tool. The G0857 jointer is an extremely versatile tool, capable of smoothly jointed edges and surfaces, as well as rabbets.

Drum Sander

Jet 16-32

A definite luxury, this little time saver makes flattening and smoothing components a breeze. It helps clear up any tool marks or sanding scratches.


Grizzly G0890

This was my first planer upgrade from the lunch-box style planers you would find at the big box-stores. Flawless cuts, lots of power, it does it’s job well!

Band Saw

Grizzly G0555

This bandsaw is fantastic… and yes… I built it in my living room. The less questions the better.


Graco HVLP 7.0 Pro Contractor

This three turbine HVLP system is a great addition to any shop looking for flawless and easy spray finishes. I mainly use it for sanding sealer and lacquer.

X Carve CNC

1000mm x 1000mm

CNC precision is handy for making a lot of one thing, or transferring thoughts from drawings to wood cutouts. We primarily use ours for customizations and engravings.

Dust Collector

Shop Fox W1687

This dust collector is powerful enough to service every tool in my shop – several times over.

Miter Saw

DeWalt DW780

This is an amazing miter saw! The XPS shadow line sets this apart from most other big name brands, even Festool.

I envy how you are always willing to try new things.

– Drew G

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