Kitchen Cabinet Revitalization

Give your kitchen a facelift!

If you are wanting to revitalize your kitchen, new cabinet doors and drawer front are a great way to start without breaking the bank.

New cabinets from a custom cabinet shop can be expensive. We have seen custom cabinet builds go for nearly $30,000 at local custom cabinet shops. And let’s be honest – most of us aren’t in a position to make that kind of commitment. But now there is a different option! You can update your older kitchen cabinets with newer style doors and drawer fronts made specifically for your space without breaking the bank. Are you selling your house and want to make it look more desirable for potential buyers? This small investment could add thousands of dollars in perceived equity in your home, making it a selling point instead of an eye-sore.


Doors are the face of the kitchen. They take up a lot of space, and sometimes, that’s not a good thing. Out-dated door styles that once seemed like a good idea, or doors that are dinged and scratched beyond repair – all easily fixed with new cabinet doors that give your kitchen a new and refreshed look.

Drawer Boxes and Fronts

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Quality hinges with soft-close mechanisms complete the upgrade with added strength, function and beauty.

“Where were you ten years ago?!”.

– Tina M.

Let’s us make something beautiful for you!.

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